Bold Monk

Bold Monk is a new brewery/restaurant opening in West Atlanta. I created two distinct visual directions in the early concepting stage for the new brand. The goal was to create a modern identity (the bold) while still maintaining roots in the traditional German past (the monk.)

Option 1: Bright Future

The first concept embraces traditional monk iconography as well as evokes an older German feel with its sharp, angular type but handles both of these in distinctly modern ways. The bright colors and simple, clean illustration style on the bottle designs help leverage an older heritage towards the pursuit of a more striking, minimal future.

Option 2: Rich Heritage

The second concept celebrates the wealth of knowledge and experience passed down through the years that culminate in this modern, German-style brewery and restaurant. By embracing its roots, the brand creates a sense of trustworthiness and respect. This concept promises to adhere to the best parts of tradition while continuing to innovate for the future.