Ball & Freshworks Campaign

The Ball and Freshworks brands accomplish similar goals- the former keeps food preserved and fresh for long periods of time, while the later keeps it fresh in the short term. For this project, I created and developed the concepts for a brand new campaign that would show how each brand could compliment each other and be of value to someone struggling to keep their food fresh and lasting longer.

Option 1: Stay Fresh

No one likes spoiled food. And with Ball & FreshWorks, you can keep all your food longer. From storage in the fridge and freezer to long-term preservation, they give your food extra shelf life and that’s something to celebrate!

A mixture of bright, cheerful colors, simple bold type, and informal, friendly messaging was used to convey excitement over the food lasting longer. This was paired with food photography that highlighted the fresh food that both these products help to preserve and keep fresh longer.

Option 2: Timeless

Keeping food fresh is not a new fad- nobody likes spoiled food, and with Ball & Freshworks, it’s even easier than before. This campaign embraced the long-term storage solution of preservation with Ball (a company that’s been around for a long time), with the more modern short-term storage solution of FreshWorks (a company that’s new to the scene.)

Visual references were all about capturing the bright, bold advertising of the 1940’s and 50’s. The simple, punchy presentation works great for getting information accross quickly to shoppers in a hurry, and the eye-catching timeless style stands out in the crowded aisles of the grocery store or super market.

Option 3: Contrast

Expired food is not only gross- it’s also costly. People go to great lengths to keep their produce fresh as long as possible, and Ball & Freshworks are there to help.

The visual language of this campaign was all about bright, bold geometry intersecting with colorful food photography. The two work in tandem to create a sense of excitement and freshness as well as show the contrast between fresh produce and the spoiled alternative.

Option 4: Now And Later

With Ball and Freshworks, produce can last for days, weeks, or even months longer. The ability to preserve and protect your produce and make it fit your timeline is a unique advantage available to all through both products working together towards the common goal of preservation.

You don’t always need filters or graphic elements to highlight beauty- fresh produce provides more than enough color and shapes to play with in a variety of different layouts. Showing the products interacting with fresh produce in a non-obtrusive, complementary way alongside short and simple callouts indicates that these products make it very quick and easy to preserve produce and that they are highly effective at it. Using both products in tandem will keep produce as fresh as the day it was picked and preserve it even longer after that.

Option 5: Trust The Process

After getting client feedback on the initial campaign concepts, I developed a new campaign direction that more heavily focused on lifestyle photography. Showing all the produce, products, and uses together in a real-world space gave me the unique ability to tell the story of preservation from start to finish as well as elaborate on the science behind the Freshworks product. In this case, the type helped provide details and context- breaking down the shot and showing the possibilities available when using both products separately and together.